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Vasonomics offers mobile best applications to meet institutions application portfolio through customizable solutions. We give our customer transformational value by delivering extensive and efficient techniques and industry oriented services. Vasonomics streamlines mobile application management processes for maximum efficiency and control. We provide onsite and offsite technology support and IT outsourcing services to many companies on a long term basis. Our clients are located in Nigeria, Sydney, Dubai, Tanzania and India. Vasonomics offers Mobile Apps Development platform in Android Application, mobile based applications, voice application development, bulk SMS, SMS and Voice based mobile application. Our well experienced mobile app developers help clients to plan, design, develop and deliver a customized application according to their business needs. We have proven expertise in SMS & voice applications for mobile, workforce management, websites for mobiles, banking and finance apps and gaming with accelerated delivery speed according to the requirements of mobile apps.

Our Major wab servies are

  • Comedy TV App
  • StoryBox App
  • Zaika App
  • Kobodesk App
  • Pesadesk App

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Vasonomics uses expertise-driven approach to better customer experience, leveraging extensive global off-shore infrastructure and a network of offices in 10 countries

Vasonomics possesses exponential growth through its zon for maximum efficiency. Our comprehensive and robust Enterprise Solutions help you deploy content management solutions and integrate enterprise-wide functions. We are growing by the day with demands for richer functionalities increasing on the one hand and enterprise expansion on the other. Vasonomics provides insightful and cost-effective Value Added Services, Web Products, Application and Enterprise Solutions with unprecedented experience. We build products and services which take consumer-service provider relationship to the next level. Our platform deploys multiple bandwidths with complete fault-tolerance and robust internet capabilities.