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SMS Marketing allows you to reach a large volume of receivers instantly. Text Messaging is an instant marketing method which lets your message into the hands of the right audience at right time. SMS Marketing is great for building customer relationships. It not only engages your present customers but also drive new business opportunities to your company. SMS Marketing is a great marketing tool to engage and build loyal customers base. You can share information and offers about your business with your customers when you feel the need. SMS Marketing is lightning fast which puts your message into your subscribers’ inbox within few seconds after you send. Today majority of people are actively using SMS to stay connected. SMS are direct, easy to manage and extremely cost effective.

High open rates as compared to Email Marketing

Compared to email marketing, SMS has insanely high open rate. In fact, almost every text message sent is open while only a fraction of emails are read.  In some cases, the text messages are automatically opened, where emails are not. 98% of all SMS text messages are opened and read by the recipient. To ensure that your message is seen by the largest percentage of people, make sure to check SMS marketing databases every time.

Low cost

Bulk SMS marketing can be easily managed for a small fraction of the costs associated with operating expenses traditional methods of marketing. Newspaper advertisements, television and almost all forms of advertising are cost comparatively high costing.

High conversion rates

SMS Marketing grows incredibly high rate of subscriber with incredibly high rate of subscriber action. In bulk SMS marketing, there are no spam inboxes involved and better change to send SMS.

Speed & flexibility

With SMS marketing campaigns, massages can be designed and delivered to their target audience in few minutes. Bulk SMS service allows receivers to immediately respond to events or promotions of sender. You can send messages to an identifiable group or your entire list of recipients. An SMS marketing great service makes it easy to customize your text message as per needs of your subscriber. With bulk SMS, you don’t need to worry about who the recipients as the text messages are set to be sent on to targeted subscriber of particular networks.

Short messages

SMS arrives at the point immediately within few seconds. Sending a text message ensures that your message is clear and concise with only 160 characteristics allowed. Text messaging allows you straight to the point informing customers exactly what is your offer to them. It makes easy customer and your business.

Highly targeted

The days where marketing managers and entrepreneurs may send marketing messages into the ether in hopes they land on their destination the public are over. For any company with even one eye on costs, it is now essential that any marketing message is as high as possible. As wholesale SMS marketing is permission based any person who receives a message from

Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out

You should always offer customers an opportunity to unsubscribe from further text messaging. As per Data Protection Laws, if you are to contact a person via text, you must give them facility to unsubscribe via text.