Mobile value added services are defined as mobile services offered by mobile operators in addition to voice services. The MVAS includes service message, SMS, MMS, mobile e-mail, mobile money, mobile infotainment and location based mobile advertising. Now, latest mobile devices allow subscribers to use Smartphone’s and tablets revolutionized these services.

Rapid advances in technology have led to the evolution of MVAS beyond voice services. The rise of mobile phones, network penetration increased return on MVAS. Social media offers new opportunities for vendors and boost MVAS marketing.

Vasonomics is today one of leading MVAS in India and exploring business in total 9 countries. We are a team of professionals and have been serving since 5 years. Our managed services solutions allow operators to ensure reliability, efficiency and positive customer experience. Vasonomics team has extensive experience in the design, development, installation, customization, and manage wide range of MVAS services. Vasonomics workforce experienced combined with technical tools allows us to offer 24/7 support with regular updates to all operator and subscribers. 

Vasonomics MVAS Services

  • Short Messaging Service (SMS)
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  • Mobile email and IM
  • Mobile advertising
  • Mobile Infotainment.