Vasonomics is an expert in IVR solutions with reliable results that provide excellent return on investment. We firmly believe in excellence and ethics to deliver IVR Services. We understand the importance of communication, organizations and businesses. To meet the needs of global market, we entered the communication excellence option presented under the name of IVR service in India.

IVR software technology which is widely used in various industries to automate call handling system. Interactive voice response IVR voice or mobile phone technology that permits a computer to detect voice using a normal phone call. IVR system can respond to the applicant with prerecorded or dynamically software created sound to proceed or choose options. IVR systems can be used for almost all control functions where the interface can be broken with a series of simple menu choices. Once built IVR software systems generally scale well to handle large scale companies and call volumes.

IVR is a combination of computer telephony solution for managing and interpreting incoming and outgoing phone calls. Our database integration and customization capabilities to customer segmentation strategies make use and effective to use.  We conduct integrated IVR management.