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Our IVR based jukebox is best thing to have happened to the lovers of regional music. Our service transforms a mobile phone into a virtual music system. Our subscribers can not only listen to their favorite songs as and when it suits them, but can also dedicate the songs to the near and dear ones. Treasure hunt is a contest, where customer has to answer objective type questions using mobile keypad and win the contest at multiple levels. OBD push is a high performance dial out tool to run voice campaigns with a high value of success rate of mobile reach using its inbuilt delivery calculated tool.

Salient Features:

  • Widest device coverage in the market
  • To maintain freshness in the portals, we constantly update all the video portals with latest, enticing and relevant content.
  • Smart-cache with unique content finger-printing
  • Multi-tier caching & content finger printing.

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Vasonomics uses expertise-driven approach to better customer experience, leveraging extensive global off-shore infrastructure and a network of offices in 10 countries

Vasonomics possesses exponential growth through its zon for maximum efficiency. Our comprehensive and robust Enterprise Solutions help you deploy content management solutions and integrate enterprise-wide functions. We are growing by the day with demands for richer functionalities increasing on the one hand and enterprise expansion on the other. Vasonomics provides insightful and cost-effective Value Added Services, Web Products, Application and Enterprise Solutions with unprecedented experience. We build products and services which take consumer-service provider relationship to the next level. Our platform deploys multiple bandwidths with complete fault-tolerance and robust internet capabilities.