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Vasonomics is a leading VAS (value added services) provider across the globe. Our VAS services integrate enterprise IT and wireless environment, which enable all partner Telcos to deploy value added services quickly and cost effectively to customers. We offer VAS services for Entertainment and Enterprises. We possess a range of leading-edge voice and data transmission technologies for various African and Asian telecom operators. We provide reliable outsourcing partnership for call centers in Africa and Asia.

We offers VAS which combine with network design and technical support professional services, allowing telecommunications operators to implement advanced and high quality service. We are helping various service providers to reach their business objectives by providing the needed resources and manpower.

Our Major wab servies are

  • Short Message Service Subscription
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • USSD Services
  • RBT/CRBTs & Wallpapers
  • Missed Call Services
  • Contest and Promotions

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Vasonomics uses expertise-driven approach to better customer experience, leveraging extensive global off-shore infrastructure and a network of offices in 10 countries

Vasonomics possesses exponential growth through its zon for maximum efficiency. Our comprehensive and robust Enterprise Solutions help you deploy content management solutions and integrate enterprise-wide functions. We are growing by the day with demands for richer functionalities increasing on the one hand and enterprise expansion on the other. Vasonomics provides insightful and cost-effective Value Added Services, Web Products, Application and Enterprise Solutions with unprecedented experience. We build products and services which take consumer-service provider relationship to the next level. Our platform deploys multiple bandwidths with complete fault-tolerance and robust internet capabilities.